Interview with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sualp Davut Trustee Coordinator of International Affairs at Final International University. « FIU offers scholarships to Algerian students »

Can you tell us about the academic programs offered by FIU and the strengths of each of these programs?

FIU is a fully accredited university that offers a broad array of academic programs at all degree levels: Associate (2 academic years), Bachelor (4 academic years), Master (2 academic years) and PhD (4 academic years), and all of the degree awards that are issued by FIU are recognized worldwide.

Students considering higher education at FIU can choose their department of study from the FIU Institute of Graduate Studies, 9 Faculties, 2 Schools and 3 Vocational Schools. In addition, FIU also offers a School of Foreign Languages for students whose English language proficiency level needs developing before proceeding to their chosen program:

  • Institute of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • School of Tourism and Culinary Arts
  • School of Physical Education and Sports
  • Vocational School
  • Vocational School of Health Services
  • Vocational School of Justice
  • School of Foreign Languages


The full FIU program list can be viewed via the FIU website link: https://www.final.edu.tr/tum-programlar

FIU also offers unprecedented pathway programs to leading state universities in the UK and US! FIU students can progress to any of its worldwide partner institutions* after 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the chosen program and graduate with 2 degree diplomas!

* FIU partner institutions for dual degree programs via pathway options are:

– Glasgow Caledonian University (UK);

– Hull University (UK);

– Ulster University (UK); and

– University of South Florida (US).

All FIU Faculties and Schools are run by highly an accomplished, experienced and visionary network of academic staff that span over 45 nationalities, making FIU a very diverse and inclusive environment. The Deans and Directors of FIU Faculties and Schools are all fully committed to ensuring that students graduate with the knowledge, skill-sets, practical experience and academic abilities required to confidently integrate and excel within the industry as a leader, entrepreneur, employer or employee, or within the field education at even higher degree levels should an academic route be pursued.

Does FIU offer scholarships to Algerian students?

FIU offers excellent scholarships to Algerian students! The current FIU scholarship campaign for the 2024-2025 academic year focuses on students receiving scholarships from 90% up to 100%, depending on their individual attributes, accomplishments and proven merits. The decision on scholarship awards is usually granted at the point of application.

Could you describe student engagement opportunities outside of classes, such as clubs, student organizations, or community activities?

FIU offers its students a lively, active, fun and modem campus filled with opportunity for extra-curricular activities such as social events, sports, hobby clubs, competitions, festivals, music and entertainment, film and cinema events, student clubs led by elected ambassadors, community awareness and responsibility projects, certificate courses and much more! More information can be obtained by following FIU on social media channels, and by visiting the FIU website links below:

Hobby Courses: https://www.final.edu.tr/m-15-campus-and-services/a-509-hobby-courses

Continuing Education Center: https://www.final.edu.tr/m-15-campus-and-services/a-621-continuing-education-center

Social and Cultural Activities: https://www.final.edu.tr/m-15-campus-and-services/a-357-social-and-cultural-activities

How does FIU support international students, particularly in terms of admissions, orientation, and linguistic support services?

FIU is an institution that prioritizes student wellbeing as well as support for successful academic performance. For this reason, every stage of a student’s journey with FIU, from the application process through to registration, the duration of education and even life after graduation as an alumni, is supported by FIU academic and administrative members.

Each year, FIU offers a detailed orientation program for new students, and full information about the orientation event can be found on the FIU website via.

In addition, students can also access the FIU Student Handbook and the International Office as well as the Registration Office for all questions, concerns and administrative requests.

Once the registration process is completed on campus, all students are assigned with an Academic Advisor who guides and supports the student throughout their entire period of education at FIU.

The FIU School of Foreign Languages registers students who do not have the required level of English proficiency prior to commencing their chosen program, and, together with the FIU Continuing Education Center, these departments offers students tuition, support and guidance on linguistic development and improvement.

What internship or cooperative education opportunities are available for students, and how does FIU facilitate these professional experiences?

FIU was founded in 2015 by the largest private education brand in Türkiye, the Final Group, and the largest tourism operating company in Northern Cyprus (owner of the luxury 5* Acapulco Hotel and Spa Resort) the DMG Group.

In addition to this excellent foundation, FIU also has an extensive portfolio of global partner institutions and an academic staff network that spans many countries around the world. It is through these networks that opportunities arise and contacts are made, and so each year, FIU Faculties and Schools dedicate their time to assisting students to gain the very best possible internal / external and national / international internship opportunities!

How does FIU promote innovation and research among students, and what resources are available to support research projects?

Academic guidance for innovative research among students is an area that of the education journey at FIU that is very much encouraged and supported by all Faculty / School members, as well as by the wider community of FIU management and administrative staff.

FIU offers its students a highly established virtual and physical library and database facility as well as the laboratories, equipment and infrastructure that is also needed for research purposes.

Innovative research projects are fully supported by the Rectorate of the university and the project management of research is a collective endeavor. FIU academic staff may also utilize their professional networks to enhance research possibilities and connections.

Can you tell us about housing options and support services offered to resident students?

FIU offers a range of safe, affordable and home-comfort style accommodation in various locations within close proximity to the university, supported by a complimentary and regular transfer service.

Full information about FIU accommodation and virtual tours can be viewed via the FIU website link: https://www.final.edu.tr/m-15-campus-and-services/a-351-accommodation

FIU offers a range of support services to ensure the wellbeing of its students. In addition, FIU has established a Student Council that is dedicated to providing an official route via which students can raise any concerns to the university about their education or welfare.

How does FIU prepare students to succeed in the job market after graduation, especially in terms of professional development and networking?

In addition to all support and guidance provided to students throughout their education path whilst at FIU, a major amount of support for graduates is provided via a dedicated FIU alumni platform that is designed to introduce contacts, networks, employment opportunities, academic advice for higher education and administrative support amongst many other areas of importance and interest.

Can students who have not completed their high school diploma (BAC) enroll in FIU?

According to the rules of the Higher Education Council in Northern Cyprus, students can only be accepted for admission to an undergraduate degree whereby they have fully completed and successfully satisfied all requirements for graduation from their BAC (Grade 12) education, and received the applicable certified documentation to confirm this achievement.

Does FIU have partnerships with other universities?

Yes, FIU does have partnerships with many other universities around the world and a list of FIU Corporate Agreements can be located via the FIU website link: https://www.final.edu.tr/m-9-about-us/a-21-about-fiu/a-399-corporate-agreements

FIU Corporate Agreements include partnerships with other higher education institutions that facilitate student exchange programs and articulation (pathway) programs for dual degree awards!


You can find FINAL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, the OFFICIAL PARTNER of the 19th edition of the Algerian Student Fair ‘The Graduate Fair’, which will take place on June 22 and 23, 2024, in Algiers at the El Aurassi Hotel and on June 25, 2024, at the ESHRA Hospitality School in Oran. For any information, you can contact FINAL INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY at [email protected].


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